Tivoli Universal

 Tivoli Concentrated Colorants are designed to provide the most effective method of adding colour to solvent based coating and ink products. The high degree of dispersion, high colour strength and ease of use make this range the perfect choice when batch repeatability is a prime objective.

 Colour Range

Description Code Colour Index Pigment %
Tivoli Universal White 6/01 P.White 6 65
Tivoli Universal Yellow Oxide 42/02 P.Yellow 42 60
Tivoli Universal HR Yellow 83/01 P.Yellow 83 11
Tivoli Orange 13/01 P.Orange 13 25
Tivoli Red Oxide 101/01 P.Red 101 60
Tivoli Bright Red 170/01 P.Red 170 35
Tivoli Deep Red 48:4/01 P.Red 48:4 25
Tivoli Universal Magenta 122/01 P.Red 122 17
Tivoli Universal Violet 23/01 P.Violet 23 8
Tivoli Universal Green 7/01 P.Green 7 25
Tivoli Universal  Blue 15:4/01 P.Blue 15:4 25
Tivoli Universal Blue 60/01 P.Blue 60 20
Tivoli Universal Tint Black LC7/01 P.Black 7 15
Tivoli Universal Gloss Black HC7/01 P.Black 7 11

Technical Details

  • High degree of compatibility, acrylic, polyester, polyurethane, alkyd (long/medium/short oil length), hydrocarbon, CAB, CAP, vinyl, nitrocellulose.
  • Pigments selected for their light-fastness and resistance properties.
  • Colour strength controlled to +/- 3.0%.
  • Pigment levels selected to give ease of addition under low shear equipment.
  • Low resin and dispersant levels.

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Formulation for Thermosetting Acrylic Bright Red

Tivoli colour concentrates require addition to a concentrated resin solution. It is advisable to allow for a degree of thinning observed when the concentrates are added due to the highly efficient dispersing aids used during the manufacture of these products.

Resin Solution

1)Add the following to a clean vessel:

Xylene  6.40
Shellsol A  5.70
Dowanol PMA  2.80
Butanol  6.00

2) Stir slowly then add the following while continuing to agitate:

Butylated Melamine Resin (70%)  18.30
Type 1 Epoxy Resin (75% in xylene)  6.40
Hydroxy Functional Acrylic (70%)  54.30
Silicone flow additive  0.10

3) Stir slowly for 15 minutes. Increase agitation speed to create a vortex before adding Tivoli concentrates:

Tivoli Universal Bright Red 170/01  20.00
Tivoli Universal Blue 60/01  1.60

4) High speed stir for 20 minutes. Allow to cool before adjusting for viscosity.


Coverage:  30-40 microns
Viscosity:  80-100 sec ISO 4 cup
Cure:  30 minutes @ 140-160C
Hardness:  2H pencil

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